Our Mission

Living on Mission

The mission of South Sudan Initiatives is to better the lives of young men and women known throughout the world as Lost Boys and Lost Girls. We want to repair the damage that decades of war have inflicted on religious, agricultural, economic, social and cultural life in South Sudan and surrounding areas.

“SSI has established a vehicle to assist South Sudanese orphans and widows by providing tuition assistance to the children and small business loans to widows as a method of obtaining self-sufficiency and independence”

– Dut Deng


SSI offers tuition educational assistance for children from grade 1 to 12 through this initiative.
SSI also plans to organize microloan program to help widows who have not received an education past high school.

Small Business Aid

SSI also wishes to assist South Sudanese widows by offering small business assistance for Women with a sense of independence and an affinity for entrepreneurship.